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Cross Technology offers to its clients a complete range of services in two main fields:
- Supply Chain: to satisfy clients expectations according to targets settled;
- Process Engineering: to guarantee agreed goals achievement, industrializing production processes in order to optimize efficiency.

By means of this service, Cross Technology can be reckoned as the perfect partner for procurement markets products and components supply, characterized by low costs production. These products manufacture is committed to companies able to guarantee and maintain an European quality level standard.
Using the wide contacts and collaborators network in Far East areas, Cross Technology can assure product and process strict control in order to make sure that both, goods and manufacture, can comply with technical specifications requested by customer.
Cross Technology can also provide customized products supplies: items realized according to client's requirements.

Thanks to our multi-year experience on production, Cross Technology can offer a thorough knowledge of manufacturer process industrialization, to all companies aware of the need to develop and update their production resources.
Cross Technology provides also full support in implant systems and machinery design and supply.

Cross Technology S.r.l.
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